Definition of Software Authorization Levels

The following definitions serve to clarify the various authorization levels which can be enabled for our software packages within the SVOFFICE™ suite.


STUDENT This is intended to be an evaluation-level authorization. This is the default (free) authorization level which is enabled when the software is first installed. Models can be opened and viewed but cannot be saved unless they are simple enough to meet the definition of a “student version” model. The STUDENT authorization level is designed to allow university students to solve simple numerical models for educational purposes. The STUDENT authorization level can also be utilized for evaluation of the software by consultants but cannot be utilized on consulting projects.


CLASSROOM authorization level is designed for professors wanting to authorize a group of students at the undergraduate or graduate level for instructional and teaching purposes. This version authorizes a STANDARD version of the SVSLOPE® software and a STANDARD version of all other finite element packages with a 2D node limitation of 800.


STANDARD authorization level provides the most basic level authorization for a purchased version of the software. Mainstream features for this type of software are enabled. This version is intended for budget conscious users.


PRO authorization level provides more advanced research level features which are typically only available in the SVOFFICE™ suite of products. The professional version is required in order to do full coupling between software products.


The MINING authorization level provides for the rapid deployment of the very latest and cutting-edge features which are available in no other software package. The MINING authorization level is typically only available as an annual lease. This authorization level is typically reserved for the discerning user that wants it all.

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