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This problem is to illustrate a plasticity solution for a weightless frictionless slope subjected to a vertical load. This problem was first solved by Prandtl (1921).

The analysis methods used for studying this model are:
M-P (Interslice Force Function - Trapezoid), and
GLE (Interslice Force Function - Trapezoid).

The search for the critical slip surface is fully specified surface shape is non-circular. The fully specified method allows the user to completely specify the geometry of the analyze slip surface. This method is particularly useful for a back analysis in which the location of the slip surface is well known. The surface is defined by defining the center coordinates and radius of the critical surface.

Model filename: Slopes_Group_1 > VS_25.svm

Tags: Slopes_Group_1,Slope Group 1,SVSLOPE,2D,Steady-State,Fully Specified,Foundation design / settlement,Foundations,Bearing Failure,Infrastructure,Slopes_1/2/3/SAFE,Benchmarking,Earth structures