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Contaminant transport



When contaminants are stored in an earthen structure there is the potential that the contaminants may move into the local groundwater supply. It is becoming of increased concern around the world to determine the total environmental impact of many buried structures and surface storage facilities.


The ChemFlux software is designed to help determine \"what if\" scenarios. It is inherently a predictive model. The software can be used to determine where contaminants will potentially end up in 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 years. The software allows for modeling a single contaminant and can model the processes of advection, adsorption, diffusion, and decay.


This tutorial example examines a leak in the basement floor. There are concerns that vapors from contaminated soil nearby may enter the basement.

Model filename: Foundations > FloorLeak.svm

Tags: Foundations,SVAIRFLOW,3D,Steady-State,Contaminant transport,Geoenvironmental,Contaminant Migration,Foundations,Foundation design / settlement


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