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Tide fluctuations next to an ocean can create a sinusoidal wave of water which enters coastal soils. Air pressure can build up in soils as a result and the variations in water pressure can impact foundation designs close to the shore.


SVFLUX can be used to model the sinusoidal movement of ocean tides and the effect on the water table. Coupled density-dependent flow of saltwater can also be accomplished when solutions are coupled with CHEMFLUX.

Please note that most of these models can be downloaded through our SVOffice product suite.


This example is used to verify the SVSLOPE-SAFE for a simple homogeneous 2:1 slope with a groundwater table passing through the toe of the slope. The soil is assumed to behave as a linear elastic material.

The analysis methods used for this study are:
Janbu Simplified,
M-P (Interslice Force Function - Half-sine), and
GLE (Interslice Force Function - Half-sine).

The search method for the critical slip surface is "Grid and Tangent". The grid and tangent methodology is one of the most common methods of determining the critical circular slip surface. In this methodology, the trial slip surfaces are specified by a grid of centers and a set of lines to which the circular slip surface must be tangent. The critical slip surface is considered to be circular.

Model filename: Slopes_SAFE > Pham_Ch4_Figure4_1.svm

Tags: Slopes_SAFE,Slope SAFE,SVSLOPE,2D,Steady-State,Grid and Tangent,Slopes_1/2/3/SAFE,Groundwater,Benchmarking,Water resources management,Infrastructure,Dynamic Programming,SVSLOPE SAFE,Earth structures,Slopes_SAFE



The purpose of this verification model is to look at duplicating reliability index results for several circular failure surfaces.

The analysis method used for studying this model is:

The search for the critical slip surface is fully specified and the critical surface shape is circular. The fully specified method allows the user to completely specify the geometry of the analyze slip surface. This method is particularly useful for a back analysis in which the location of the slip surface is well known. The surface is defined by defining the center coordinates and radius of the critical surface.

Model filename: Slopes_Group_1 > VS_35_1_Fig.7_SurfaceA.svm

Tags: Slopes_Group_1,SVSLOPE,2D,Steady-State,Probability,Fully Specified,Slope Group 1,Earth Dam / Levees,Probabilistic,Water resources management,Infrastructure,Slopes_1/2/3/SAFE,Benchmarking,Earth structures,Groundwater


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