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The design of canals creates interesting issues related to the relationship between the water in the canal and the surrounding flow system. It is often of interest to determine how much flow is coming into or leaving a canal system. There is also the problem of uplift if the surrounding water table is higher than the water level in the canal.


Numerical modeling of this system offers the following benefits: * The effectiveness of various pumping scenarios can be explored, * It can be determined how the local groundwater table be affected, * The flow to or from a canal can be determined.

Please note that most of these models can be downloaded through our SVOffice product suite.


This is a shorter version of the CanalBankFreezingThawing model presented in the Example Manual. Example is to illustrate hydrothermal coupling in the simulation of soil and ice freeze-thaw behavior on a canal bank. The water in the canal is also included in the analysis. The model simulation time is 50 hours, The canal bank is freezing in the first 25 hours, and after that time, the thawing process happens.

Model filename: GeoThermal > CanalBankFreezingThawing_50h.svm

Tags: GeoThermal,SVFLUX,SVHEAT,2D,Transient,Water Table,Canals,Geothermal,Freeze / Thaw,Water resources management,Arctic design,Canal


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