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Heap leach draindown


There are a myriad of flow issues related to the successful design of a heap leach pad. Some of these issues are: * Is the design of the drainage system adequate for optimal recovery? * What is the time for the heap leach pad to drain-down once the operation is finished? * What application of liquor will result in an optimal saturation level in the heap? * What cover design will best allow ultimate closure of a heap leach facility?


The SVFLUX software package will allow successful modeling of a variety of operations and closure scenarios associated with heap leach pads. Various drainage scenarios may be modeled. The long-term performance of a proposed cover design may be modeled in order to minimize the amount of solution released from the closed heap pad. Preferential flow can be modeled using the spatial variability features in SVFLUX. It is also possible to perform rudimentary modeling of the movement of the liquor solution in the pad when SVFLUX is coupled with the CHEMFLUX software.

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2D steady-state model of cross-section through AA center of tailings. Line divisions have been added to simulate the application zones.

Model filename: HeapLeach > AACrossSec02.svm

Tags: HeapLeach,SVFLUX,2D,Steady-State,HeapLeach,Heap leach draindown,Mining,Heap leach draindown,Heap Leach



Model filename: HeapLeach > Heap+Leach+on+Steep+Ground.svm

Tags: HeapLeach,SVFLUX,2D,Steady-State,HeapLeach,Mining,Heap leach draindown



Simple example of homogeneous flow with an overliner.

Model filename: HeapLeach > HeapOverlinerFlowSS.svm

Tags: HeapLeach,SVFLUX,2D,Steady-State,Heap leach draindown,Mining,Heap leach draindown,HeapLeach,Heap Leach



Increasing ksat with depth.

Model filename: HeapLeach > LayeredHeapSS.svm

Tags: HeapLeach,SVFLUX,2D,Steady-State,Mining,HeapLeach,Heap leach draindown,Heap leach draindown,Heap Leach



Simulation of heap saturation under the influence of air injection.

Model filename: HeapLeach > LeachingAirInjection.svm

Tags: HeapLeach,air injection,heap leaching,SVFLUX,SVAIRFLOW,2D,Transient,Mining,Heap leach draindown,airflow coupled with water flow,two phase flow,air pressure,water pressure,matric suction,heap saturation effect factor



This model is used for comparison to the coupled SVFlux/SVAirFlow model LeachingAirInjection

Model filename: HeapLeach > LeachingWithoutAirInjection.svm

Tags: HeapLeach,SVFLUX,2D,Transient,Mining,Heap leach draindown



Represents the effect of pore clogging on the overall flow regime.

Model filename: HeapLeach > PoreClogging.svm

Tags: HeapLeach,SVFLUX,2D,Steady-State,HeapLeach,Heap leach draindown,Mining,Heap leach draindown,Heap Leach


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