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Road design


Roadway designs are subjected to significant climatic influences. In northern climates the water seepage beneath roadways can lead to potholes in roads.


The SVFLUX software may effectively be used to model the climatic influences surrounding road design. The amount of flux that can be expected to infiltrate beneath a road can be calculated. The coupled SVFLUX and SVHEAT software allows the location of the interface between ice and water to be calculated.

Please note that most of these models can be downloaded through our SVOffice product suite.


This model contains a simple case of a total stress analysis without considering pore-water pressures.

Analysis method used in this study are
Janbu Simplified,
Corps#1, Corps#2,
M-P(Interslice Force Function - Half-sine), and
GLE (Interslice Force Function - Half-sine).

The search method for the critical slip surface is "Fully Specified". The fully specified method allows the user to completely specify the geometry of the analyze slip surface. This method is particularly useful for a back analysis in which the location of the slip surface is well known. The surface is defined by defining the center coordinates and radius of the critical surface. The critical slip surface is considered to be circular.

Model filename: Slopes_Group_1 > VS_1_ChineseGeotechncial.svm

Tags: Slopes_Group_1,Slope Group 1,SVSLOPE,2D,Steady-State,Fully Specified,Transportation,Road design,Earth structures


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