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Slab foundations


Concrete slab-on-ground designs are common for small buildings and houses in certain parts of the world. Changes in pore-water pressures in the clays beneath such foundations often lead to swelling or heaving of the foundation and result in cracks in the walls.


SVFLUX and SVSOLID can be coupled in order to model this phenomenon. The amount of swell due to sprinklers or precipitation events can be calculated. Various solution scenarios may be explored with the software. The influence of surrounding vegetation and the shrinkage beneath a foundation may be calculated.

Please note that most of these models can be downloaded through our SVOffice product suite. Click here for additional information on this type of application.


3-D modeling of seepage and stress processes beneath a floor slab. A 1m wide slab is being examined for the edge-drop scenario caused by evaporation.

Model filename: SlabOnGround > ShrinkSlice3D_Transient.svm

Tags: SlabOnGround,SVFLUX,3D,Transient,Slab on Ground,Foundations,Slab foundations,Benchmarking



The 2D initial seepage file is for analyzing the edge-drop of a slab-on-ground due to evaporation.The purpose of the initial SVFLUX seepage analysis is to get an initial head profile to use as initial conditions for the SVFLUX transient seepage and to get an initial pore-water pressure profile to use as initial conditions for the SVSOLID stress/deformation analyses.

Model filename: SlabOnGround > Shrink_Initial.svm

Tags: SlabOnGround,SVFLUX,2D,Steady-State,Slab on Ground,Foundations,Slab foundations,Benchmarking


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