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The design of irrigation trenches has implications in terms of the stress / deformation properties of the soil as well as potential impacts on groundwater regimes. Improper design can lead to failure of the design structure.


SVFlux is well-suited for analyzing the flow of water around any potential trench design. Maximum gradients can be plotted as well as flowlines to determine the new flow regime. For excavations beneath the water table the amount of flow exiting the model can be calculated to determine reasonable pumping rates which will be necessary. SVSolid is well-suited for performing a stress analysis of trench designs.


This example demonstrates the use of SVFLUX in analyzing the situation of a narrow canal. This canal contains two concrete sidewalls of very low hydraulic conductivity.

Model filename: Canals > PipeFill.svm

Tags: Canals,SVFLUX,2D,Steady-State,Canals,Trenches,Water resources management,Foundations,Canal


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