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Mine Stopes


Large underground caverns are often created using the block caving method during the mining process. The large caverns may later be filled with mine tailings. Groundwater flow to and from such stopes is of environmental concern. If such stopes exist in northern climates then it may be desired to ensure that such stopes are frozen in the long-term.


The groundwater flow to and from such stopes may be modeled using the SVFLUX software package. It is also possible with SVHEAT to model the effect of thermosyphons around such structures and their ability to keep such mine stopes permanently frozen. Fully coupled modeling solutions are available using SVFLUX and SVHEAT. Such modeling allows calculation of the ice/water interface and the tracking of frozen zones in the subsurface. The influence of heat carried along with the water phase (convective flow) may also be calculated. Extensive climatic coupling is available in both the SVFLUX and SVHEAT software packages and therefore the influence of the climate on subsurface temperatures and flows may be calculated.

Please note that most of these models can be downloaded through our SVOffice product suite.


This particular model is steady-state example in which the difference between the deep temperature boundary and the ground surface boundary is studied in a simplistic way.The purpose of this model is to illustrate the use of SVHEAT software in the mining industry to solve the heat flow issues related to large underground stopes.

Model filename: MineStopes > B212_Front.svm

Tags: MineStopes,SVHEAT,2D,Steady-State,MineStopes,Mine Stopes,Mining



This example illustrates the use of SVHeat to model a complex cross-section of a mine stope. The cross-section represents the end view of a mine stope.

Model filename: MineStopes > B212_Side.svm

Tags: MineStopes,SVHEAT,2D,Steady-State,MineStopes,Mine Stopes,Mining


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