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There is recently been an increased interest in understanding geothermal energy. These types of applications focus on setting the conductive and convective movement of heat beneath the ground. There is also interest in exploring the use of underground aquifers as heat storage systems in borehole thermal extraction systems (BTES). The numerical modeling of these systems must include both conductive and convective processes. The buoyant action of the heated fluid must also be accounted for in the numerical model. Adding to the complexity is the fact that many underground aquifers are of irregular geometry and therefore must be modeled in three dimensions.


A coupled SVFlux/SVHeat numerical model allows full coupling of the relevant processes such as to be ideal for geothermal numerical modeling. Conductive and convective heat flow as well as thermal buoyancy can be modeled in the software. Full irregular aquifers can be modeled in 3-D or simplified to 2-D models. The numerical model also allows simulation of geothermal heating systems. The amount of influence a geothermal heating system can have on the surrounding region can be computed. The numerical model can also be used to optimize the design of the boreholes for a geothermal system.

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This model established the initial pore-water conditions for use in the ArtificialGroundFreezing model.

Model filename: GeoThermal > ArtificialGroundFreezing_initial.svm

Tags: GeoThermal,SVFLUX,2D,Steady-State,Water Table,Geothermal,Arctic design,Freeze / Thaw



This is a shorter version of the CanalBankFreezingThawing model presented in the Example Manual. Example is to illustrate hydrothermal coupling in the simulation of soil and ice freeze-thaw behavior on a canal bank. The water in the canal is also included in the analysis. The model simulation time is 50 hours, The canal bank is freezing in the first 25 hours, and after that time, the thawing process happens.

Model filename: GeoThermal > CanalBankFreezingThawing_50h.svm

Tags: GeoThermal,SVFLUX,SVHEAT,2D,Transient,Water Table,Canals,Geothermal,Freeze / Thaw,Water resources management,Arctic design,Canal


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