Acquisition of Existing Databases

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Existing experimental data is required to test the design of the SVSOILS Knowledge-Based system. Once additional  soils information is acquired, statistical calculations are performed to check the validity of theoretical estimations as well as to provide an estimation of the reasonableness of current soil properties. The design of the knowledge-based system allows for soil data to be continually added to the system. Hundreds of research publications containing soil-water characteristic curves were reviewed and compiled by Sillers (1996) and placed into the database of soils information. Other information has been compiled from various other sources. All information is fully referenced by publication. The datasets can be investigated should the user want to further check the credibility of any particular dataset.


SVSOILS offers the world’s largest database of detailed soils information currently available. No other database system offers physical data to test such a wide range of soil properties. Soils can be grouped and typical behavior examined. Access to this database of over 6000 soils allows the user unprecedented opportunity for soil analysis.