Add Extensions

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This action is available when one or more surfaces are selected. It is used to add extending geometry to a surface along its boundary, extending away from the surface, with the extensions being generated at a specified angle. This is primarily useful to ensure that a surface intersects another surface completely rather than partially, before the surface intersection tools are used.


This action will create a new surface; the original surface will be unaffected.


Angle:                        Extensions will be added at the specified angle, relative to the horizontal plane. For example, an angle of 0 will extend the surface horizontally, while an angle of 89.9 will add nearly vertical extensions. Note that fully vertical geometry is not supported.


Length:                The extensions will have the specified length away from the surface boundary.


Direction:                Controls whether the extensions are added upward or downward.


Add Extensions To:        The surface that the extensions will be added to.


Clip With:                If enabled, after the extensions are generated, they will automatically intersected and clipped with the specified surface. The extensions will stop exactly at the surface and not cross through it. Extension geometry that does not cross through the specified surface will be discarded.