Add All Projects in Folder

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This dialog is used to add several projects to the project list. Use the browse button to select the projects folder.


Note that when a folder is selected all the existing folders under that folder are going to be added as project files.


This function does not work for uploading SVOffice 9 model files. The user has to use the Import SVOffice 2009 model function to import their model(s). However, if the user mistakenly uses this feature for model files in the SVOffice 2009 format, the log file displayed will inform him/her that the older files were skipped and suggest the use of an import feature to convert them.


Also, it is possible to open a model directly in SVOFFICE 5 without using the SVOFFICE Manager, regardless the format. In this case, the original SVOffice 2009 model file will only be converted to SVOFICE 5 format if the user chooses to save the it.


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