Atterberg Limits

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The Atterberg Limits stores the results of the Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit for a soil. Atterberg Limits can be entered in the classification dialog. The Activity and Plasticity Index are calculated automatically after the input of the Liquid Limit and the Plastic Limit. Data reduction of data from the Atterberg Limits laboratory test as described by ASTM D4318 has also been implemented into SVSOILS and is described in the following section.


SVSOILS allows for the reduction of Atterberg Limits data generated by the ASTM D4318 laboratory test. The tare sample weights and blow counts are recorded to allow the Plastic Limit and Liquid Limit to be automatically calculated.


Liquid Limit: The Liquid Limit allows entry of all information relating to the Liquid Limit ASTM test.


Plastic Limit: The Plastic Limit allows entry of all information related to the Plastic Limit ASTM test.