Authorization Levels

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STUDENT authorizations are free for anyone to use in order to understand the functionality of the software. By default the software is in STUDENT mode when first installed.


An advanced license has sub-levels of authorization:







Each sub-level includes more features that the previous sub-level.


Student Authorization

The STUDENT license allows editing and creation of simple models which may be used either to determine the abilities of the software or for learning purposes. The STUDENT version is free and is available to university students as well as industry professionals.


Models which can be run using the STUDENT version only may be filtered using the Advanced Search option on the Manager. Selecting STUDENT in the filter will display only models which may be opened using the student license.


Demo models can also be opened and run using the Student license. Demo models are typically more complex than student-level models but can be run using the Student Authorization level. Demo models can be displayed by selecting Demo in the filter criteria. More details about the restrictions of the student versions can be found on online under the Products menu > Features Tab for each product at:



The advanced features of the software may be accessed once the software has been purchased. Levels of authorization include Classroom, Standard, Professional, and Mining. The software cannot be run without the use of a USB security key which will be provided to the customer once the order has been placed.


Student and demo models can still be opened with an advanced authorization, sent to the solver, and the results visualized.


The current authorization levels for each module can be viewed under the File > Authorization menu option in the SVOFFICE Manager dialog.


Authorization will be emailed from SoilVision Systems Ltd. once full payment has been received for the software package. The email will contain a list of Authorization Codes which need to be entered under the appropriate software on the File > Authorization dialog. These codes need only be entered one time and they are then stored on the USB security key plugged into the USB port on your computer. When the USB security key is subsequently plugged into the computer at later times, the authorization codes will automatically be read.


More information about the specific differences between the different authorization levels can be found online under the Products menu > Features Tab for each product at:


FlexPDE Authorization For the SVOFFICE GE Suite

It should be noted that the authorization for the FlexPDE solver is handled separately from the front and back-end modules. Full authorization of the front and back-end modules as well as the solver will require the use of two separate USB security keys; one for the front and back-ends and one for FlexPDE. Further description on the authorization of FlexPDE may be found below.