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SVDESIGNER is authorized as part of the full SVOFFICE software suite. The Authorization dialog is identical for all SVOFFICE software.




Authorization data is listed for each module in the SVOFFICE suite.


Module:The name of the module. supported version number, system type, authorization level, custom options, and license duration.


Version:The highest version number supported by the license. Older licenses may require an upgrade to be usable on newer versions of the software.


System:The supported system type for the license. 1D supports only itself. 2D includes 1D support if applicable. 3D includes both 2D and 1D support if applicable.


Level:The supported level of the license, usually CLASSROOM, STANDARD, or PROFESSIONAL.


Options:Custom options supported by a license will be listed here.


License:The license duration - either PERPETUAL or a time limit.




Options to control license usage can be found here. The user has the option to search for Portable licenses or Network licenses, if they have one available for use.


Network Options:Network license checks are done using a standard network query. This query can be disabled, or refined by specifying a server name or IP address to test.


Force Check Now:License checking happens in the background without a need for user input. Use this option to force an immediate license check - useful if a new key has been plugged in, for example.


View Log:Displays a log of all authorization checking. It is recommended to send this text to Customer Support in the event of an authorization problem.




Activate a Trial:If a trial license code has been provided, select this option and input the code. The license should be applied immediately.


Remote License:This option opens the Remove License Update utility, which is used to update a USB key in the field. Instructions will be provided if a remote license update is required for a USB key.


FlexPDE® Options


Check FlexPDE®:The FlexPDE® application, required by some SVOFFICE software, has a separate license. Use this option to check that license.


FlexPDE® Network:Use this option to modify the network settings of a FlexPDE® license.