CAD Window

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The CAD Window is the primary working area and displays the current view of all visible geometry. Geometry objects can be individually enabled or disabled from the Scene window. The current view in the CAD window can be scaled and zoomed as desired.


There are a number of mouse and key combinations that are useful in manipulating the display of a model in the CAD Window:


Zoom In/Out - With a wheel mouse rotating the wheel will increase or decrease the zoom level. Similarly, holding down the mouse wheel and moving the cursor up and down will change the zoom level.


Pan - In 2D view hold down either the left or right mouse button and drag the cursor to move the model. In 3D view hold down the right mouse button and drag.


Rotate (free) - In 3D view hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor to rotate the model. The rotation is about all three axes.


Rotate (about an axis) - In 3D view the axis of rotation can be fixed by holding down one of the "x", "y" or "z" keys while left-clicking and moving the mouse.


Select - Holding down the Shift key and the left mouse button while dragging the cursor will display a selection box. All selectable objects within the box will be selected when the mouse button in released.


Return to Standard View - Double-clicking on the display while in any standard viewing mode will reset to the default view.


The viewing mode can be changed from the Mode menu or the View toolbar.