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Geometry object elevations can be contoured if desired. This option is supported for grids, meshes and volumes. Various options are available to control contouring behavior:




Show Contours:Enable or disable contouring.


Show Labels:Enable or disable the display of labels on each contour line. Use the Font... button to modify the appearance of the labels.


Show Legend:Enable or disable the contouring legend.


Color Source:The range of values to be contoured. Elevations means that contours are based on the world coordinate system. Thicknesses means that contours are based on the range of the geometry object being contoured. Custom allows the user to choose their own contour levels.


Contour Style:The named style being applied to the currently selected object.


Rename:This button allows the style's name to be changed. It must be unique.


Duplicate:This button creates a copy of the current style, and changes the selected object's style to reference the copy. The user can now modify the copied style without affecting the original.


Delete:This button removes the current style and updates all objects that referenced the current style to a different, existing style.


Style Settings


Type:Four options are supported: Average Element, Lines, Flood, and Lines and Flood. Note that enabling Flood will automatically hide any fill styles that may be applied to the selected geometry object.


Use Color Map:Set each contour line to a color matching the chosen color map. It has no effect if contour lines are hidden.


Weight, Color, Style:These options control the display of contour lines - specifically, the line weight or width, color, and style (such as solid or dashed). These have no effect if contour lines are hidden. The color option can be overridden by the Use Color Map option above.


Color Map:The color map to use for contouring.


Reverse Color Map:Whether or not to invert the color map.


Gradient:Whether or not to use a full color gradient, instead of discrete color values.




If a volume is contoured, then any slice of that volume will also be contoured.