Creating and Managing Projects

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Creating and managing projects can only be done in the Expert mode of the SVOFFICE Manager.


To create a new Project, press the New button above the Projects list box. You will be asked to provide the Project Name and to select the directory that you want to use as the Project folder for model files.




The project properties can be viewed by selecting the project and choosing Projects > Project properties. The project name cannot be changed in the SVOFFICE Manager. Also, the SVOFFICE Manager does not automatically detect renaming of project folders or addition of new folders.


To rename a project:

change the name of the project folder,
remove the project with the old name from your list of projects by selecting the project and clicking Projects > Remove Selection from Projects List, and
add the renamed project by selecting Projects > Add One Project and specifying the path.


To add one project:

Select Projects > Add One Project,
Specify the project folder path,
Click OK to add project.


To add multiple projects:

Select Projects > Add All Projects in Folder,
Specify the path of the folder containing all your projects,
Click OK to add all projects.