Data Lists

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SVOFFICE 5 allows the copying and pasting of columns of data directly into certain datagrids within dialogs. This action increases the speed at which models can be created. There are typically related buttons related to each datagrid which allow the insertion, deletion, and editing of certain rows of data. The content for each datagrid is typically described in the title at the top of the datagrid. The number of rows of data is also commonly displayed at the top of the datagrid control.



Deleting of a row of data may be accomplished by selecting the area to the left of the control and then pressing the delete key.


There are two types of pasting operations: ADD or REPLACE


Paste - ADD

In this operation the user clicks on the area to the left of the lowest item on the list box. The user then presses Ctrl-V to paste additional data without disturbing data already present in the list.





If the user desires to replace all existing entries in the current list with new entries then the user must i) select all rows in the current list, and then ii) paste data over top of the list as shown in the following screen shot.