Data Table Window

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The Data Table window is located on the right-hand side of the screen and is hidden by default. This window contains the data stored in the currently selected geometry object, as well as some information about the type of data this object contains. The Geometry Properties Window can be moved anywhere on the screen, attached to the side (or pinned to the side) of the CAD window. The data will be displayed in an appropriate format, depending on the type of geometry selected, based on the following list:


Cross Section:Input fields for the cross section parameters are displayed.


Flyby:A table of flyby locations, orientations and path parameters is displayed.


Grid:A table of grid points and elevation values is displayed.


Mesh:A table of mesh points is displayed. For indexed meshes, a second table of triangle index numbers is also displayed.


Polygon:A table of polygon points is displayed.


Polyline:A table of polyline points is displayed.


Region:A table of region points is displayed.


Scatter:A table of scatter points is displayed.


Slice:The slice equation is displayed, plus a listing of all geometry objects being sliced through.


Volume:A grid of region-layer blocks is displayed, with a check box indicating visibility of each block. Settings are also included to change the appearance of the volume lines and fill, and color scheme or palette used to color each block uniquely.


Other types:The window is empty.




Geometry defined in an external file will be displayed here but cannot be edited. This may be changed via a geometry action.