Project Directory Structure

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The SVOFFICE software loosely enforces the storage of all numerical models in an organized directory structure under a Project.


The ability to locate files and directories is essential to managing models created in SVOFFICE. Within the Project folder, the modeling files are organized according to the following structure.



The structure shown above is consistent among all of our modeling packages. It should be noted that certain types of modeling imply a particular directory type. For example, the software does not allow the user to have a steady-state SVCHEM numerical model.


The user may open a modeling file at any time by double-clicking it while in Windows Explorer. SVOFFICE will then open the modeling file in the context of the modeling component(s) used to create the modeling file. For example, double-clicking a SVFLUX modeling file will open the modeling file in SVFLUX. Models can also be opened at any time using the File > Open command while in any modeling component (i.e. SVFLUX, SVCHEM, etc.)