Downloading Example Models

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An Internet connection is required to access these files. SVOFFICE will also recognize when updates are available.


This download can be started in a number of ways:


1.By prompt to download examples the first time SVOFFICE is run.
2.In LEARNING Mode, click the module icon (i.e. SVFLUX), then click Search Models, double-click to download and open selected model:



3.Select Projects > Download Select Project from the menu in EXPERT Mode.
4.Press the Download button located above the Projects list:





The downloaded models are sorted by model CLASS with a single class being contained in each PROJECT.


The distribution models contain the following types of models:


1.STUDENT models,
2.DEMO models,
3.AUTHORIZED models.


The project and model list also has a cloud icon in front, which indicates whether a model has been downloaded or not. If the cloud icon has an arrow pointing downwards under it, that indicates that the model is not yet downloaded.