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Data for some types of geometry objects can be drawn directly on the CAD window. Existing data can be modified at any time as required.


Direct drawing of polygons, polylines, regions and scatter data points is supported. Additionally, mesh points can be dragged to modify their values.


Objects can be drawn in both 2D and 3D views.


Objects shown in the CAD window usually have coordinate values; these values are specified while drawing by clicking with the mouse. Useful information, such as the current coordinate and the delta from the previous point will be displayed while drawing on the CAD window.


Coordinates can also be typed in by the user though the use of dynamic input, which is enabled by default. When dynamic input is enabled, the user will see coordinate values on the CAD window that change as the mouse is moved. The user can type in numeric data that will position the mouse at that specified location. Additional keyboard controls are also available:


Tab:Use the Tab key to cycle through the coordinate input boxes that are available to the user. The comma key is equivalent.


Space:Use the Space bar to "lock" or "unlock" one coordinate. The coordinate that is currently selected for editing is the one that is locked or unlocked. This can be used to constrain mouse movement such that only the X or Y coordinate is allowed to change, for example.


Enter:Pressing enter in a dynamic input box will accept the input, similarly to if the left mouse button was pressed.


Shift + Enter:When multi-point drawing is being performed, Shift + Enter will end the drawing, similarly to if the left mouse was double-clicked.


Drawing is additionally constrained by the snapping settings available in the View menu.