Fredlund and Wilson (1997) Estimation

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The Fredlund and Wilson dialog contains all data associated with the estimation of the SWCC proposed by Fredlund and Wilson (1997).


The Fredlund and Wilson (1997) estimation of the soil-water characteristic curve requires the input of a Packing Porosity. Typically the Packing Porosity is provided through the use of an implemented neural net. It is often useful, however, if laboratory data exists for the soil-water characteristic curve to back-calculate the Packing Porosity. SVSOILS implements a back-calculation half-distance trial and error algorithm to calculate the optimal Packing Porosity when soil-water characteristic curve laboratory data is present.


Predicted: The Predicted Field indicates if the estimation algorithm has been successfully executed on the current data.


Error: The Error field shows the difference between the fit and laboratory values in terms of R2.


AEV: The AEV field shows the air-entry value as calculated based on the estimated curve.


Max. Slope: The Max. Slope is the maximum slope (on a semi-log scale) as calculated based on the estimation curve.



 Click the graph button at the bottom of the dialog to display a graph.