Getting Started

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All of the software modules may be accessed through the SVOFFICE Manager dialog. The SVOFFICE Manager is the first dialog shown when starting the software. The reasonable steps required for basic use of the software are documented under the following sections:


Where Do I Start?:

Downloading and opening example models.


Creating a New Model:

How to create and open a new model.


General Modeling Steps:

This section guides the user through the process of the steps necessary in order to design and build a successful 2D or 3D model.


Additional software resources when getting started include:


Modeling Software Concepts: Concept behind the design of our software.


STUDENT mode: This is the default mode of our software. This section describes the details and the restrictions of STUDENT mode.


DEMO models: Describes the operation of DEMO models which are distributed with our software.


Importing Models from SVOFFICE 2009: This section covers the outline of how to import model files created with SVOFFICE 2009.