Global Settings

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General Tab

The General tab includes various global options that can be set to customize the way SVOFFICE behaves. It is organized into 2 sections. The Manager Settings section contains options that affect the behaviour of the Project Manager window. The Model Settings options control model-specific behaviour.


Manager Settings

Use Classic Project View - Use this to toggle the usage of classic project view.


Show Model Preview Window - Use this to toggle the display of the Model Preview window when a project is selected in the SVOFFICE Manager.


Dock the Model Preview Window - Use this to show the Model Preview window in a separate window in SVOFFICE Manager.


Auto update FEM model solution run time - Enable this option to have the execution date and duration of the analysis written to the model file.


Show pop-up notification when update available - This controls whether the user is alerted with a pop-up dialog when a new version of SVOFFICE is made available.


Disable Anonymous Usage Data Collection - For licensed users of SVOFFICE the collection of basic software usage data can be enabled or disabled.


Use Project Ordering - Enabling this option activates Project Ordering. An 'Order' column is added to the Project List and tools to manage the order of Projects within the list are enabled. For more details refer to Projects Menu Commands. The default setting is OFF.


Use Model Ordering - Enabling this option activates Model Ordering capabilities in the Project Manager. A 'Order in Project' column is added to the Model List and controls to move models with a Project are exposed. For more details refer to Models Menu Commands. The default setting is OFF.


Use Model Grouping - This is an extension of the Model Ordering functionality. Enabling this feature adds 2 more columns to the Project Manager Model List (Group Name & Order in Group) and makes available tools to manipulate models with groups (see Models Menu Commands and Manage Model Groups). The default setting is OFF.


Solve SVFLUX in SVSLOPE combined models in batch runs - In coupled SVFLUX/SVSLOPE models when this setting is enabled the appropriate SVFLUX solver will be run prior to the SVSLOPE solver.


Do not re-run of already solved - This setting works in conjunction with the above. If the SVFLUX model has already been solved the analysis is not re-run.


Always save model file before analysis - When this option is turned off, SVOFFICE will provide a message asking to save the current model each time the Analyze or Write Solver File operations are executed. Turn this option on to skip the message and always save the model file (.SVM).


Model Settings

Open the Climate Data Summary dialog on open of ACUMESH - The Climate Data Summary dialog is available in ACUMESH after a 1D Vertical SVFLUX model where an climate boundary condition has been applied has been solved. This option default to ON, meaning that the dialog will display on open. For more details, please refer to Climate Data Summary dialog in ACUMESH manual.


Show Global Offset - Use this to toggle the display of the global offset.


Projects Scan Tab

Scan All Projects - This button they be used to scan all the Projects loaded into the SVOFFICE Manager for any new or deleted models which may have been added to the directory structure. This feature is useful if the user synchronizes the repository with a folder on a network drive. Pressing the Scan All Projects button will cause all the additional models to be added to the list in the Manager dialog.

It is entirely reasonable that the end user may want to store Project folders on a network drive. This may be accomplished with an unnoticeable change in performance of the software. The physical hard drive is only accessed when models are first read into memory and when they are subsequently saved back to the hard drive after the user changes have been made. It is therefore easy for users in a large organization to work off of a network drive which allows centralization of all numerical models created with the software. This feature allows a central repository of models to be created and maintained by a company.


Individual Projects may be scanned by using the Scan Selected Projects menu in the Manager dialog.


Solver Tab

This tab allows specification of the path of FlexPDE and FEHM solver. It is important to note that model results are not stored in this pathway.


FlexPDE Solver Path

Browse... - Select the folder containing the FlexPDE executable using this dialog.


FEHM Solver Path


The FEHM solver has a separate installer than the SVOFFICE installer. When a valid authorization for a module in the SVOFFICE WR suite is detected the FEHM solver installer can be obtained. When the FEHM solver is required the Download FEHM Solver button will be visible on this tab. A prompt will also occur on Analyze of a WR model if the solver is detected to be missing. A menu item to perform the download will also be presented.


By default the FEHM solver executable is installed to the default SVOFFICE installation directory (C:\Program Files\SoilVision\SVOffice 5\)


Download FEHM Solver... - Press to download and execute the FEHM Solver Installer.
Browse... - Select the folder containing the FEHM executable using this dialog.


PEST Solver Tab

This tab allows specification of the path of PEST solver. For more information for PEST, please visit the website:


Browse... - Select the folder containing the PEST solver using this dialog.


Messages Tab

This tab allows the user to customize the behavior of various messages highlighting potential problems with their model.


General Messages

FEHM Initial Condition Warning - For steady-state FEHM models a warning will be displayed if no Initial Conditions have been defined.


Provide message to open ACUMESH when solver finished - An ACUMESH .DAT file is required to be generated by the solver to visualize the results of a model in ACUMESH. Check this option to have SVOFFICE provide a warning message when the solver has finished determining the solution.


Provide message if ACUMESH .DAT file not turned on for model - An ACUMESH .DAT file is required to be generated to visualize the results of a model in ACUMESH. The .DAT file is specified on the Output Manager dialog. Check this option to have SVOFFICE provide a warning if a .DAT file has been turned off. If you prefer to create models without generating .DAT files then uncheck this option. .DAT files may become quite large depending on the solution time or output frequency.


Stages Warning - This option determines whether a warning message shows up to suggest user to increase stages when using review boundary condition and the number of stages are less than five. This option is defaulted to ON.


History Limit Warning - The warning "Time settings may cause HISTORY_LIMIT to be exceeded and history plot data to be compressed" will be given. Warning will be given if model time and graph time settings create the condition where the limit for history graph data is exceeded. See the FlexPDE Results Settings Dialog for more information.


FlexPDE-SVOFFICE Authorization Match Warning - This options controls whether a warning message is displayed if either FlexPDE or SVOFFICE have not been authorized (GE only).


Hide Save Before Analyze Message (Always Save) - When this option is enabled the default prompt to the user to save the model before analyzing is suppressed and the model is automatically saved before analysis begins. The default setting is OFF.


Always Delete Input/Output Files on Analyze - When this option is enabled the input and output folders used by the solver are deleted prior to analysis.


Display Messages During Batch Run

Display Messages During Batch Run - This is a list of all messages that can be disabled when using the batch run features in SVOFFICE. It may be useful to initially leave all messages enabled during testing, but disable them later when performing a batch run unattended.


Synchronization Tab:

This tab allows the user to control the model synchronization behavior. When enabled, updated demo models will be checked for automatically, and can optionally be downloaded as well. By default, this check is disabled (in which case, the user must check manually).

Auto Synchronize Model list - This option allows a selection to either synchronize of model list when the SVOFFICE Manager starts or synchronize the model list on a daily basis, the user can also choose to download model files in addition to the model list.


Enable Beta Features - This options enables the beta testing features of SVOFFICE 5.


Ask where to save each project before download - This option will prompt the user whether the save each project before downloading the project files from the server.