Hyperbolic Fit

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The Hyperbolic Fit dialog contains the information related to the fitting of the shrinkage curve with a hyperbolic equation.


ash: The ash field shows the fitting parameter which corresponds to the minimum possible void ratio associated with complete drying.


bsh: The bsh field shows another fitting parameter which is related to the specific gravity of soil.


csh: The csh field shows a fitting parameter related to the curvature of shrinkage curve.


Shrinkage Limit: The Shrinkage Limit is the gravimetric water content corresponding to minimum void ratio possible when the soil is completely dried. It should be noted that the shrinkage limit is actually fictitious water content since it corresponds to the condition where the voids of the soil are completely filled with water even though the soil is completely dry.


Air Entry Value: The Air Entry Value field shows the calculated air-entry value where the shrinkage curve deviates from the saturation line.


SWCC Fredlund AEV: The SWCC Fredlund and Xing (1994) AEV field shows the estimated air-entry value of a soil represented as soil suction (kPa).


Shrinkage Fit: The Shrinkage Fit indicates whether the estimation algorithm has been successfully executed on the current data.


Error: The Error is the difference between the fitted algorithm and laboratory values in terms of R2.



Click the Graph button at the bottom of the dialog to display a graph.