Importing DXF Files

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The AutoCADĀ® DXF file is a fairly complex legacy format. Not all entities are supported by SVDESIGNER. The following entity types ARE supported:


3DFACE:A collection of 3DFACE entites is loaded as a mesh.


LINE:Each LINE entity is loaded as a polyline with one segment (two points).


LWPOLYLINE:The LWPOLYLINE entity is loaded as a polyline. Data points will be converted from the OCS to the WCS. However, the UCS is not supported, so it is recommended that the appropriate translations are applied prior to data import to get accurate results.


POINT:Each POINT entity is loaded as a scatter data point.


POLYLINE:The POLYLINE entity is loaded as a polyline.


Closed polylines are automatically converted into polygons.


DXF layer and color data is supported. When a DXF is imported, a folder is created with one sub-folder for each layer. All entities for a given layer are grouped together.


All X / Y coordinate values are rounded to three decimal places, the smallest precision supported by SVDESIGNER and SVOFFICE. GIS coordinates are supported without loss of accuracy.


As a general rule, it is wise to remove or hide entity data not required for modeling prior to creating the DXF file to import. Proper use of layers to separate geometry from notations and other non-geometry information will make working with DXF data in SVDESIGNER much easier.