Importing Models

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The SVOFFICE software is designed for the easy exchange of modeling (.SVM) files between users. Most information required for creating a model is stored in the .SVM file, which is in XML-format. Other model information may be in other file formats, such as initial conditions. As such it is possible to email modeling files to other users. Once you receive a modeling file from another user it can be imported into the SVOFFICE Manager.


Single .SVM files, a zipped model folder containing the .SVM and other files (.ZIP), or an entire zipped modeling directory (.ZIP) can be imported.


Follow these steps to perform an import:


1.Save the received .SVM/.ZIP modeling file to a temporary directory,
2.Save any accompanying input files to the same temporary directory (if not included in the .ZIP),
3.Start the SVOFFICE Manager,
4.Initiate the Models > Import Model into this Project menu option,
5.Specify the path to the .SVM/.ZIP file stored in the temporary directory.
6.Press the OK button. The model file(s) will then be placed in its own folder under the project specified in the dialog,
7.Open the imported model.


Please see further information under the Models menu section in the User Manual.