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Congratulations on selecting the SVSOILS knowledge-based database system. You have chosen a powerful, easy-to-use environment for the assessment of constitutive models to describe saturated-unsaturated soil behavior. With SVSOILS you can point-and-click your way to the latest estimation procedures to obtain saturated-unsaturated soil properties. The soil database contains saturated permeability (hydraulic conductivity) data on over 2500 soils and unsaturated permeability data on over 700 soils. Over 20 proposed estimation procedures of soil behavior form the basis for the estimation of unsaturated soil behaviour.


The software is redesigned to allow the user to readily estimate and develop mathematical constitute models for unsaturated soils. New to the latest version is the ability to estimate the behavior of unsaturated /saturated oil-sands tailings.


Typical applications of the SVSOILS Knowledge-Based Database System include:

Estimation of the soil-water characteristic curve for unsaturated flow modeling,
Estimation of the saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and water storage for saturated-unsaturated flow modeling,
Mathematical fitting of saturated/unsaturated soil property functions,
Development of constitute models for oil-sand tailings,
Mathematical fitting of soil property functions for consolidation modeling.


The latest version of SVSOILS represents a re-design of the software from the ground up. The user interface has been completely redesigned and simplified to provide a more streamlined experience. A new database has also been added.


The software's newest noteworthy features include:

Completely re-designed user interface,
New unsaturated SWCC estimation methods,
New database from across the USA,
Redesigned data mining interface,
Oil-sand volume-mass property calculator,
Development of soil-sand consolidation saturated/unsaturated constitute model,
Fitting/estimation of consolidation property functions.