Manage Model Groups

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This dialog manages the model groups within a project.


Project Name: Displays the name of the current project.


Model Groups: Lists all of the model groups that have been created in the project.


Group Name: Displays the name of the model group currently selected in the list view. Changing the name will rename the group in the list view.


New: Adds a new group to the project. The name defaults to 'New Group'


Delete: The Project Folder shows the file link of the selected project.


Export Selected Group: Creates a zip archive of the currently selected groups and the model files that they reference for export to other databases or to provide to SoilVision technical support staff.


Top/Up/Down/Bottom: These buttons reorder the models within the selected model group


Add: Opens a dialog that allows for the selection of models from the project to add to the currently selected group. The selected model will add to the bottom of the sort order and can then be reordered.


Remove: Removes the selected models from the current model group.