Manual Input

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Data for certain types of geometry objects can be input manually via the tables provided in the geometry properties window. Data can also be or cut-and-pasted into this window from an external program such as Microsoft® Excel®.


Cross Section:The various input values may be edited.


Flyby:The locations, orientations and path parameters may be edited.


Grid:The elevation (Z) values may be edited here. To edit the grid lines, a geometry action must be used. Grid lines must be defined before editing is possible.




Pasting existing grid data from an external source does not require grid lines to exist in the table; they will be created automatically.


Mesh:The mesh points (and indexes, if both are available) may be edited.


Polygon:The polygon points may be edited.


Polyline:The polyline points may be edited.


Region:The region points may be edited.


Scatter:The scatter points may be edited.


Slice:The slice equation may be edited, although it is usually easier to define it via the CAD window. The list of geometry objects being sliced may be modified as required.


Volume:The selected surfaces and regions may be re-defined. Updating the check boxes may be required if the number of surfaces or regions is changed.