Modeling Software Concepts

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Modeling Philosophy

Our software was built on the concept that finite element modeling does not have to be difficult. Early experience with other finite element modeling software involved a tremendous amount of time spent on the proper definition of the finite element mesh as well as struggling with convergence problems. Our software is built on one of the most advanced finite element solution engines currently available. This allows access to advanced concepts such as automatic mesh refinement. Our software is currently the only commercial software worldwide which implements fully automatic mesh refinement. The advantage of this feature may be demonstrated in reduced modeling times allowing the user to focus on the modeling concept rather than the specifics of the finite element method.


The advanced solver is coupled with a state-of-the-art streamlined, simple and visual front-end and backend. This concept allows model development time to be significantly shortened.


Specific General Modeling Steps in order to carry out model creation are available as noted in the earlier section.


Geometry Concepts

Refer to the Specifying Geometry section in the User Manual for more information on geometry concepts, such as 2D geometry  and 3D geometry. There are also details on the workspace, other types of objects, drawing tools and more.