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As your model library grows, it can become difficult to locate models. The Find Model dialog provides a variety of tools to refine your search in a number of ways.


Modules: The Modules field is used to limit the model search by specific module. Coupled models will match if either module is present in the model.


Authorization: The Authorization field is used to display only models that match a specific authorization type.


Category: The Category field is used to refine the search to display only your models, SoilVision distribution models, SoilVision tutorial models, SoilVision verification models and/or SoilVision example models.


System: The Systems field is used to refine the search by the dimension of the model.


Type: The Type field is used to refine the search by steady-state (time is infinite) or transient-state (time is specified).


Keywords: The Keywords field is used to enter search text. This text will match on the model name, project name, model description, or on any defined model keywords.


Press OK to save this search and apply it as a filter in the Manager window.


Press Cancel to discard the search filter and use the original one.


The search filter can be removed at any time by pressing the Clear Search in the SVOFFICE Manager.