Import SVOffice 2009 model

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The Import SVOffice 2009 model dialog can be opened by selecting Models > Import SVOffice 2009 model. This dialog is useful to import modeling files into a selected project. Use the Browse button to specify the path to the .svm model file or .zip file stored in a temporary directory. The user must create or select a project to store the imported model before using the import function. If a .zip file is selected all the .svm model files in it will be added to the specified project.


Note: When a user imports an SVOffice 2009 model into SVOFFICE 5, a copy of the file is created and stored in the selected project. That means that there is no danger of altering the original file. Also, it is possible to open an SVOffice 2009 model file directly in SVOFFICE 5 without using the SVOFFICE Manager or the import feature. In this case, the original SVOffice 2009 model file will only be converted to SVOFFICE 5 format or overwritten if the user chooses to save the it.


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