FlexPDE6 Network Settings

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The current major version of FlexPDE is 7. This topic applies to users still using licenses for FlexPDE6.


When using a network usb key for authorization there is a file called nethasp.ini with various parameters that can be adjusted if network authorization is not occurring properly. The file must be located in the FlexPDE installation directory (same location as FlexPDE6.exe).


The Network Settings dialog allows specification of the IP Address of the computer/server on which the network usb key is located. By default the network authorization system will broadcast across the entire network to find the network usb key. By specifying a specific IP Address and clicking Apply, the nethasp.ini file will be adjusted (and created if not present) to stop broadcasting and look to the computer with the specified IP Address directly.


If "No Network Response" or "Lost Network License Server" errors are reported or the software appears to be losing its license frequently then adjust the Timeout Length setting. The default is 2 seconds.


New Version

When a new version of the FlexPDE6 software is installed the settings in the nethasp.ini file will be replaced with the defaults and the following actions need to be taken:


1. During the FlexPDE6 installation choose the Create Backup option. (If you do not want to save a backup then find the nethasp.ini file in the FlexPDE6 directory and make a copy of it prior to installation)
2. Locate the nethasp.ini file in the FlexPDE6 backup folder. (The default location is C:\FlexPDE6\BACKUP\)
3. Copy the nethasp.ini file into the FlexPDE6.exe folder, overwriting the one added during the installation. (The default location is C:\FlexPDE6\)