New Station

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The New Station dialog is used to describe the specific location from which the soil sample was taken.



Name:The Name field displays the station name.
X:The X field shows GIS x-coordinate of the station.
Y:The Y field shows GIS y-coordinate of the station.
Elevation:The elevation field provides elevation information of the station location.
TOC:The TOC field provides information on the TOC (Top of casing) depth.
Total Depth:The Total Depth provides information on the total depth of the station.
Station type:The Station Type field is used to specify the station type.
Depth to Bedrock:The Depth to Bedrock field shows the distance of the station from bedrock.



Station pda guide:The Station “pda” guide field provides station “pda” (personal digital assistant) guide information.
User stamp:The User Stamp field is used to enter the user stamp id/number.
Station purpose: The Station Purpose field provides information for the purpose of the station.
Station location name: The Station Location Name field shows the name of the station location.
Station location description:The Station Location Description field contains description information regarding the station.
Well owner:The Well Owner field refers to the name of the well owner.
Address:The Address field shows the address of the station.
City or town:The City or Town field refers to the city where the station is located.
State/Province:The State/Province field to the State/province where the station is located.
Country:The Country field refers to the country where the station is located.
Zip/Postal Code:The Zip/Postal Code field refers to the city where the station is located.
Installation date: The Installation Date field is used to enter the date when the station was installed.
Station status:The Station Status field provides information on the status of the station at the time when sample was taken.


Select the photo tab to add site photo.