Power Function

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The Power Function dialog contains the equation parameters necessary to mathematically represent the compression curve with a Power Function. A description of the theory related to a power function can be found in the SVSOILS Theory Manual.


awb: The awb field refers to one fitting parameter associated with the Power Function.


bwb: The bwb field refers to another fitting parameter associated with the Power Function.


Minimum Stress Limit: The Minimum Stress Limit is used to designate a lowermost value on the void ratio versus total stress relationship. Consequently, the Minimum Stress Limit becomes the lowermost value that can be used for volume change calculations. As the minimum stress limit approaches zero there could be some difficulty in obtaining a converged solution and the solution may not be truly representative of actual conditions.


Fit: The Fit field indicates whether the fit algorithm has been successfully executed on the current data.


Error: The Error is the difference between the fitted results and the laboratory values in terms of R2.