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Download Selected Project

SVOFFICE includes a huge collection of example models to learn from. Use this option to select which projects to download from our examples database. Examples are categorized by product type, and any number of projects may be subscribed to. Please refer to the download example models section.


Reorder Projects

 This menu item is available only when the 'Use Project Ordering' setting has been enabled in the Global Settings dialog. Clicking on the menu item will pop out a list of possible actions for moving the Project within the Project list.


Scan Selected Projects

 The Scan Selected Projects option is used to scan the current Project folder for any new or deleted models which may have been added to the directory structure. This feature is useful if the user synchronizes the Project folder with a folder on a network drive.
All Projects can be scanned at once on the Global Settings dialog.


Open Project Directory

 This command opens the root folder of a selected project.


Import Model Group

 This command opens a file selection dialog to allow the user to select a model group export file (Zip file format) for import into the current project. Once the file has been selected the the model group(s) contained in the export file will be recreated in the current selected project.


Remove Selection From Project List

 This option removes the selected project folder and all the models contained in it from the project list. No files are removed from the folders associated with the project.


Delete Selection from Disk

Removes the current project folder. Be aware that all files in the folder associated with the project will be deleted (sent to the Recycle Bin). Use this option with caution!


Export List

The Export menu provides options for exporting lists of the models and files in the current root directory to a CSV (comma-separated-value) text file. Each option will save the data to a file with the .txt extension in the current root directory, then open the file in Notepad. The options available are i) Model List (Project, Model), ii) Detailed Model List (Project, System, Type, Model, Processes, Since Last Edit, Required Authorization Level), and iii) All Files List (Project, System, Type, Model, Processes, Since Last Edit, Required Authorization Level, File Name, Extension, Path, File Size (kB)). The All Files List option will list every file of every type in the entire root directory.


Batch FEM Projects

Batch Analysis

Use this option to run a series of models. Each model in the selected project(s) will be displayed in an editable list that may be reordered. The list is then saved to a model batch file and optionally analyzed by the solver. Note that the batch file is run in a sequential manner and not all at once.


Run Existing Batch File

Similar to the above option, this option loads a previously saved model batch file. The list may be reordered and an re-saved, or saved with a new name if desired.


Analysis Log

The Analysis Log dialog will list the models analyzed during the most recent batch analysis operation. It will indicate whether the model finished solving (SOLVED!) or encountered an error (ERROR!). The batch analysis should be allowed to complete before checking the Analysis Log.




If performing a batch analysis where the results of model A are used as the initial conditions for model B, ensure you are using the Absolute Path (.trn) for the initial condition setting in model B.


Batch SVSLOPE Projects

Batch Analysis

This is a batch function which initiates i) writing out of all modeling files in the currently selected project(s) and ii) analyzing them in the solver. A controlling batch file is created such that the selected models are analyzed in a sequential manner and not all at once. Click here for more information on this function.


Batch Model Group Projects

This menu item is only available if the 'Use Model Ordering' setting is enabled (Options > Global Settings).


Batch Analysis

Use this option to analyze the models in one or more projects in the order specified by i) the project Order and ii) the models Order in Project. The models contained in the selected projects will be displayed in the solver dialog as non-editable list that may not be reordered. When the analysis is started each model is solved sequentially with the appropriate solver i.e., SVSLOPE, SVCORE or FEHM.