Align Mesh

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The Align Mesh menu item allows you to replace the mesh of one geometry object with the mesh from a separate object, while keeping the elevations from the original mesh intact. The effect is to have two geometry objects with identical meshes, differing only in elevations. This greatly simplifies model creation, as it completely eliminates any chance of pinch-out or other mesh alignment issues.


This operation is done in-place; that is, no new geometry is created - the original mesh is replaced with the new one.




Be aware that elevations must be interpolated at the new mesh vertices, to avoid distorting the overall shape of the original mesh geometry object.


The mesh being replaced can be smaller than the new mesh, as mesh points that have no definition in the original mesh must be removed. This typically happens around the outer edges of the mesh, possibly due to numerical rounding. The best solution is to re-mesh prior to alignment, applying the same boundary to every mesh.