Apply Merge Distance

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The Apply Merge Distance menu item is a form of data reduction, allowing the user to merge geometry points that are too close together into a single point. This action  is supported for meshes, polygons, polylines, regions and scatter data. Using the command on grids has no effect.


This is an in-place operation; existing geometry will be updated and no new geometry will be added.


When applying a merge, a distance value must be supplied. The minimum possible value is 1e-9, the smallest resolution supported by SVDESIGNER and SVOFFICE.


Selected lines:Points on the selected geometry should be treated as important, meaning that nearby points will be merged to these point values if they pass the merge distance test. (These important points are referred to as crease points.) If no geometry is selected, then merged point values will use data from the original data set instead.


Allow crease points to merge:If at least one item is selected, this option will be available. Disabling this option will cause the merge distance test to be ignored for merging purposes, which ensures that crease points themselves are not merged together.