Generate Model

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The Generate Model menu item is used to create an SVOFFICE numerical model from a valid volume or slice geometry object. Please refer to the Model Creation section for more information on creating valid volumes and slices, from which to create a numerical model. Please refer to the SVOFFICE documentation for more information on each of the creation options listed below.


General Tab


Module:This option controls the desired type of numerical analysis, such as SVFLUX or SVSLOPEĀ®.


Model Name:This is the desired name of the output SVOFFICE numerical model.


System:This will automatically be set to 3D for SVOFFICE numerical models generated from volumes, and 2D for models generated from slices. This setting cannot be changed.


Type:This determines the type of analysis, if applicable.


Units:SVDESIGNER does not require units to be specified initially, but they are a requirement for any SVOFFICE numerical model.


Time Units:This option is required for any SVOFFICE numerical model.


Solver:This option is required for any SVOFFICE numerical model, other than SVSLOPEĀ®.


World Coordinate System Tab


This tab will display the final world coordinate system of the SVOFFICE numerical model being created. These values are filled in automatically from the conceptual model.


New Model Parent Folder Tab


If this tab is visible, the user may use it to select a folder to store the SVOFFICE numerical model in. It is generally recommended to save each model to a unique, dedicated folder.


If this tab is hidden, a dedicated folder for the SVOFFICE numerical model will be generated automatically, as a sub-folder in the current project. Refer to the SVOFFICE documentation for more information on this behavior.