Modify Grid Lines

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The Modify Grid Lines menu item is used to add or remove grid lines from an existing grid geometry object. Both X and Y grid lines can be defined at regular or irregular intervals. Individual entries can be edited or removed as desired.


Add Regular Grid Lines


Use this option to add to, or replace, the list of existing grid lines.


Start, End:This is the minimum and maximum desired grid line. Note that changing these values will affect the number of increments and/or the increment value.


Number of Increments:This is the number of grid lines, including the start and the end. Note that changing this value will affect the increment value.


Increment Value:This is the desired distance between adjacent grid lines. The value will be changed if the input value is not usable given the start and end values - in other words, changing the increment is not allowed to change the start or end values. Also note that this value may affect the number of increments as well, if the desired increment cannot be satisfied.


Add Irregular Grid Lines


Use this option to add new arbitrary grid lines to the existing list.


Data:A table of values lists the new grid lines to be added. New values can be typed directly into this table, in any order. (The list will be automatically sorted on completion.)


Insert, Paste Points:These options allow new points to be inserted into the existing list, or pasted from the clipboard.


Delete / Delete All:These options remove points from the existing list.