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The Import <Type> menu item adds external data files that do not support data objects, such as a generic text file, to a conceptual model by pre-specifying an object type. This object type determines how the data in the file will be interpreted upon display.


Each object created when importing from a file will contain a file link that references the external file (in other words, the data is not stored in the conceptual model, only a link to the file name). Geometry created in this way cannot be modified.


To modify data imported from a file link, it must first be converted by the user. This is a manual step, and will replace the file link with a full copy of the file's current contents. Once conversion is complete, the original file is no longer referenced, and the data will be stored within the conceptual model.


If is becomes clear that the wrong data type was selected for a given data file, the user can delete and re-import the file, or attempt a type conversion.