Scene Window

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The Scene window pane contains a tree that lists all available objects that exist in the conceptual model. New objects can be added, cut and pasted, renamed, and are always grouped into folders. The Scene window can be moved anywhere on the screen, attached to the side (or pinned to the side) of the CAD window.


The goal of the Scene window is to organize all data added by the user in a meaningful way. There is no requirement to use all data present in a final SVOFFICE model.


Objects are added to the scene by right-clicking in the Scene window and selecting an appropriate item in the context menu. Refer to the Scene menu for more information.


Objects can be made visible in the CAD window by toggling the check box next to each object in the tree.


The Scene window automatically organizes objects in folders alphabetically by their type. The ordering of objects within folders can be changed by renaming objects.