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The shrinkage soil property function describes the volume change that occurs in a soil during the drying process. A description of the shrinkage of a soil is necessary when calculating potential volume decreases associated with the drying of s soil.  The laboratory test for measuring the shrinkage behavior of a soil is found in ASTM D-427. The measured laboratory data describes the relationship between gravimetric water content and void ratio.


Material State: The Materials State field contains information on the initial state of a soil at the start of the shrinkage test. The material state tab is meant to represent the starting point for the shrinkage curve test. Matching the beginning soil state with the soil state from another soil test is only important when calculating particular constitutive soil relationships.


Fitting Method: The Fitting Method drop list shows a list of fitting methods that are available to best-fit the shrinkage curve. A description of the theory involved in the estimation of the shrinkage curve can be found in the following sections and in the  SVSOILS Theory Manual.