SVOFFICE Authorization

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Obtaining Authorization - New Purchase

USB security keys from SoilVision Systems Ltd. are sent pre-programmed with the authorization codes for the software purchased.


Single Computer Installation

Only two steps are required:


1.Ensure that the Hasp security key drivers have been installed on your computer. These drivers are installed by default during installation of SVOFFICE. The latest Hasp security key drivers can also be downloaded from this web address:


2.Plug the USB security key into the computer.


Network Installation

Refer to the steps provided at the time of purchase.


Obtaining Authorization - Upgrades

Clients with USB security keys obtained prior to the release of SVOFFICE 5, or with temporary USB licenses, will need to do a Remote License Update.


1.Authorization codes are sent via email to the person who placed the software order once the order has been processed. To request the authorization codes if you obtain a different computer or for any other reason, our contact information can be found on our website at,
2.Execute the steps above in Obtaining Authorization - New Purchase, if not previously performed,
3.Open the SVOFFICE software,
4.Authorization levels are controlled from the File > Authorization menu in the SVOFFICE Manager dialog,
5.Use the Remote License Update option on the SVOFFICE 5 Authorization dialog.
6.If the authorization is successful the Level of authorization will be changed from STUDENT to an advanced authorization sub-level.


Check Authorization

Go to the File > Authorization dialog on the SVOFFICE Manager.