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This manual will provide the user with an overview of some of the basic operations in order to expedite initial use of the software.


Competitive Advantage

The SVOFFICE 5 suite offers many unique features to provide your firm with a competitive advantage. See the Top 10 benefits of our software under the Why Buy section for each product page at for additional details.


What’s New

These webpages provide an overview of the new features available in SVOFFICE 5.


GE Suite:
GT Suite:
WR Suite:


Getting Started

The Getting Started section contains tips for first time users in understanding the simple region-based modeling system.


Additional Help and Training

Comprehensive help and training on our products is available as outlined below. Our software is highly maintained by a team of world-class experts in their respective fields. Our goal is to provide prompt and responsive help for your particular problem.



Tutorials and a comprehensive user manual are provided as part of the integrated help file and can be easily accessed under the help menu within the software. They can also be accessed online at: See the following Documentation Overview section for more details.


Web Issue Management

SoilVision provides customers with access to an on-line issue-management system which can be used to report bugs and request new features. It provides quick self-service access to end-users for common issues when using the software. Please utilize this service by emailing a report of your issue to It is helpful to attach the model file (.SVM file), relevant screen captures and a comprehensive description of the particular problem.


Technical Support

Technical support is available for help in the installation of software. Details on common technical support questions can be found on our support page at Our contact information can be found below.


Professional Consulting Service

SoilVision Systems Ltd. employs geotechnical engineers with advanced degrees which can provide you professional advice at current market rates. All our engineers have extensive modeling experience. Please email us at if you are interested in this service.


On-line Live Web Training

Web training is provided at an hourly rate. During this training you will be able to see our computer screen projected onto yours. Please email us at for times and availability. Free live Webinars are available, see our webpage for details.


Short Courses

Several short courses are typically offered each year. A list of upcoming short courses may be found on our short course page:


Contact SoilVision Systems


Our Contact Information:


SoilVision Systems Ltd.                                 phone: +1-306-477-3324
Saskatoon, SK, Canada                             fax: +1-306-955-4575